ARCHEST and ArcheoBus: it’s time to make an official introduction!

In April, those of you who follow the Official Facebook Page of the RecRoad Project, must have seen some nice pictures taken along our beloved itinerary from Aquileia to Belgrade: it is time to explain why. Thank to the collaboration with Fondazione Aquileia, the institution the currently manages in a great way all the archaeological sites of Aquileia, I was invited to take part in the ArcheoBus journey, educational event inside the ARCHEST Project.

It was an exciting week, spent hitting the road with a nice group of archaeologists, art historians, journalists and bloggers from Italy, Slovenia and Serbia. We visited the main archaeological attractions along the Roman itinerary: Aquileia, of course, the remains of Emona (the Roman Ljubljana), Andautonia (close to Zagreb), Sirmium (the imperial city that lies under the actual Sremska Mitrovica) and the fascinating site of Viminacium. It was a great opportunity for me and I am happy to share the video that tells the story of this great European Project, focused on the enhancement of the shared Cultural Heritage of Italy, Slovenia and Serbia.

I hope that you will enjoy it too!


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