The first weeks: collecting the materials

The RecRoad Project started only a couple of weeks ago and the first step of the research has already been undertaken. As in any archaeological research worthy of respect, all the published and unpublished information about the research topic must be collected and studied. This is going to be a very demanding and complex task: much of the unpublished materials are preserved at the local offices of the Cultural Heritage Ministers of the Countries involved in the project. Since the Countries are four (Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia), it will be necessary to travel a bit around to collect the necessary information, such as unpublished excavation data, local cartographies, aerial and LiDAR images, local studies and so on. A first journey will take place in the first half of March, while, I’m actually collecting all the avalaible and published materials.

A special attention is being given to the cartographic material: the main output of the RecRoad Project will be a WebGIS integrated in the Adriaticum Mare Atlas, so it is of the main importance that all the information acquired for the project are georeferenced with the best possible accuracy. A first glimpse about the status of the art regarding the roman road going from Aquileia to Singidunum will be given on March 16th, in Rome, at the Roman Archaeological Conference, where we’ll be happy to meet you!

A glimpse of the GIS project where the cartographic maps are being collected and georeferenced.

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