Call for Papers: TIENS BIEN LA ROUTE ! Bordeaux, 29 – 30 novembre 2017

Tiens bien la route !

Routes, agglomérations et territoires

antiques et médiévaux

Colloque international

Bordeaux, 29-30 Novembre 2017

Call for Papers:


The international conference will be dedicated to ancient and medieval routes and their relationship with the landscape, intended as a living organism. The discussion will focus on new tools and methods of research and publication, in continuity with the international round table “Ancient and Medieval Routes: new approaches and new tools”, held in Bordeaux on November 15th, 2016.

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Call for Hikers: Walk Like Romans Walked from Aquileia to Belgrade

It is time to announce the second final event of the RecRoad Project: “Walk Like Romans Walked from Aquileia to Belgrade”!

I’m not kidding: in September, after all these months spent studying the Roman roads from the books, computer screen or on the field, it will be time to walk them!

After the Call for Papers, we are launching the Call for Hikers: if you want to come along, with your boots, backpack and spirit of adventure, you will be welcome and we’ll walk together towards Belgrade, for a month or only for a few hours, as you wish.

If you want to take part to this adventure, please fill in the form you will find below, we will contact you soon with the details!

Some pictures and the updates from Belgrade

After two weeks spent on the field surveying the road from Sirmium to Singidunum, I must say that the results I brought back to Bordeaux are great. Our knowledge of the itinerary of the Roman roads in this area really improved, especially in some crucial points where their layout was quite uncertain. Leaving aside my enthusiasm for a moment, it is important to mention that this all was possible only thanks to the help and open collaboration with the Zavod za zaštitu spomenika kulture in Sremska Mitrovica (Dr. Biljana Lučić and the Director, Dr. Ljubiša Šulaja), the Museum of Srem (Dr. Jasmina Davidovic) and the Institute for Balkan Studies in Belgrade (Prof. Vladimir Petrovic). But the journey to reconstruct the ancient itinerary from Aquileia to Singidunum is not over yet: there still is a lot to be done!

In this post, you can find some pictures taken during the presentation of the RecRoad preliminary results held in Belgrade on April 6th and the PDF of the slides.

Presentation of the RecRoad Project at the Institute of Balkanic Studies

On Thursday April 6th, 2017, I am going to present the RecRoad Project at the Institute of Balkanic Studies in Belgrade. There will also be a brief presentation of the preliminary results of the survey that has taken place from Sirmium to Singidunum over the last two weeks.

If you are interested in having a glimpse of how things are going, before coming to the presentation, here is the updated situation:

Here you can find the poster of the event:

Presentation of the RecRoad Project on Radio Francigena

Thanks to Paola Binutti and Fabio Spitaleri, I had the great chance to present the RecRoad Project at the Stati Generali dei Cammini on March 17th, 2017 in San Daniele del Friuli. It has been an important event where to discuss the importance of the historical and cultural itineraries in the perspective of sustainable tourism practices and territorial management.

In the same context, Alessandra Beltrame, PR responsible of the event an reporter for Radio Francigena, interviewed me about the research project. If you click on the following image, you will find the registration (in Italian).

RecRoad at the Stati Generali dei Cammini

On March 17, 2017, I’m going to present the RecRoad Project at the Stati Generali dei Cammini in San Daniele del Friuli and San Tommaso di Maiano, where a most beautiful piligrims’ hostel hase recently been restored. Clicking on the following images, you can download the program of the whole event. See you there!

Click here… magnify there…

Here in Bordeaux the work keeps going: I’m editing the papers of the proceedings of the round table that took place in November and the IllyrAtlas, where the RecRoad data will be hosted, is on its way. In the meanwhile, you can start to have a look at my notebook for the Digital Atlas (mind: they are only notes, not a complete database!)… just click on the image below!


D’Aquileia à Singidunum: la route et le fleuve

On November 25, thanks to Vladimir Petrovic who organized an international round table in Bordeaux about the relationship among roads, rivers and grouped settlements in the Balkan area, I presented some hints about the complex relationship between the road and hydrography along the itinerary from Aquileia to Singidunum. It is a interesting topic that will be further developed in the proceedings of the meeting that will be published in Balcanica.

PresentationView and download the presentation

Table ronde internationale “La route antique et médiévale: nouvelles approches, nouveaux outils”: the videos

While waiting for the proceedings of the internationale round table, if you didn’t manage to get to Bordeaux but you’re stille interested in knowing what we’ve been talking about, you can watch the videos of each presentation.

F. Tassaux, Institut Ausonius, La carte et le viographe

V. Petrovic, Institut des Etudes Balkaniques, La voie romaine Timacum Minus – Pautalia: les contacts entre la Mésie Supérieure et la Thrace d’après les recherches archéologiques et les sources écrites

P. Basso, Università di Verona, Recenti ricerche sulla via Claudia Augusta

D. Gherdevich, Université de Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, SIG, analyses spatiales et étude du développement des réseaux routiers anciens. Le cas de la région Frioul-Vénétie Julienne en Italie.

F. Verdin, Institut Ausonius, Routes protohistoriques, romaines et médiévales d’Aquitaine  recherches récentes.

F. Didierjean, Institut Ausonius, La Levade du Médoc et autres routes. Problèmes méthodologiques.

D. Comunale, Università Roma Torvergata, Itineraria, monumenti e strade per un nuovo approccio topografico e culturale alla viabilità regionale. Le Vie Francigenein Sicilia e il caso della Magna Via Francigena.

I. Moreno Gallo, Ministerio de Fomento, Les voies romaines de Castilla y León  de l’identification au SIG en ligne

S. Zanni, Institut Ausonius, La route d’Aquileia à Singidunum (Belgrade): aspects méthodologiques. Du terrain à la publication
et à la mise en valeur